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High Performance Rides are given in our Grob-103, a standard of German excellence within the industry. The High Performance Ride is a more exquisite soaring experience, offering a longer and quieter ride, easier entry and exit design with a slightly roomier cockpit. It has a graceful appearance, capturing the imagination of what a glider should look like.

The Schweizer 2-33, the most popular glider trainer in America, is used for our Standard Glider Rides and all of our training activity. The Standard Glider Ride offers a fun soaring adventure for all of those interested in sampling the thrill of soaring at a lower cost.

The length of the Glider Ride is largely dependent on atmospheric conditions. The best days are generally characterized by high barometric pressure, clear skies, white puffy cumulus clouds, and low winds. The time of day also affects the length of the ride with mid afternoon rides often lasting longer whereas morning and evening rides are a little shorter but smoother! So, when you see optimal gliding weather conditions, call and schedule your ride!

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